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PCB Articles

  • Different Types of PCB Layers

    Exploring the Different Types of PCB Layers and its Purpose

    1 year ago hours ago

    A printed circuit board (PCB) is a thin board made of non-conductive material, such as fiberglass or plastic, with conductive pathways etched into it. These pathways, or traces, are used to connect different components, such as transistors and…

  • Different types of PCB Connectors

    PCB Connectors: A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Types and Their Applications

    1 year ago hours ago

    PCB connectors are an essential part of any printed circuit board (PCB) design, as they provide a means of connecting the various components on the board to external devices or other PCBs. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and types, each…

  • PCB Soldering Process and Techniques

    PCB Soldering Steps

    3 years ago hours ago

    Soldering is one of the basic, yet most important skill that each and everyone who is dealing with electronic components should be aware of. In the world of technology, the ability to repair electronic devices is like a gift one should posses, for…

  • Electronic Component Symbols

    Basic Electronic Component Symbols that Every PCB Design Engineer Should Know

    3 years ago hours ago

    The process of designing a PCB starts from understanding the circuit schematics and proceed with converting the schematics into a PCB Layout. To understand the schematics, any designer needs to know the circuit symbols for all basic components. If…

  • Home Made PCBs

    Home Made PCBs – A Step by Step guide to build PCBs in your Home

    4 years ago hours ago

    Getting a PCB fabricated from a manufacturer requires prior planning and might not be feasible for very low volume. It is also not advisable to approach professional PCB fabricators to build our hobby circuits, that is why in this tutorial, we are…

  • SMT Soldering Process in PCB Assembly Factory

    SMT Soldering Process in PCB Assembly Factory

    4 years ago hours ago

    PCBs are found in almost every Electronic device and with the increased demand for Electronic devices all around the world, their production rate is increasing day by day. There are many small and big PCB manufacturers all over the world and all are…

  • PCB Trace Width and Trace Spacing

    PCB Track Width and Track Resistance – Importance, Calculation, and Design Tips

    4 years ago hours ago

    PCB boards are the basic element of all the electronic devices that we are using today. These PCB boards are used to minimize the size and complications that are involved in the wired circuits. The wires in typical circuits are converted as tracks…

  • PCB Grounding Techniques

    PCB Grounding Techniques that Every Designer Should Know

    4 years ago hours ago

    A proper Grounding is important for any circuit to work as designed, the importance of grounding cannot be stressed enough especially if the circuit consists of many analog and switching components. When designing a Printed Circuit board (PCB) the…

  • PCB Quality Control

    PCB Quality Control – Things to validate during Design, Fabrication, Procurement and Inspection

    4 years ago hours ago

    Most modern electronic devices utilize one or more printed circuit boards. All the functions and performance of the electronic devices are dependent mainly on PCB. Therefore, it is logical to state that PCBs are the heart of electronic devices, and…

  • PCB Design Guidelines for Assembly (DFA)

    PCB Design Guidelines for Assembly (DFA)

    3 years 8 months ago hours ago

    Assembly in PCBs involves combining the board with other components, such as the connectors, heat sinks, enclosures, etc, to make up the full product. PCB assembly should be put into consideration early enough during the design process so that we do…